2nd February 2022


It is all very well promoting 'Free Valuations' but potential sellers need to be careful that they are not encouraged to believe that their asset is more valuable than it really is! 

To be kind, some agents are simply inexperienced in making these assessments - to be cynical, some agents may use this tactic as a means to list homes by making the owner feel good just to get the listing. It is easy then to go back afterwards when the same house isn't selling and 'blame' the market!

There is no substitute for experience in knowing the market (even micro markets) to make an accurate prediction of value. That expertise is essential if an owner is to make reliable calculations when considering a move from 'A to B'. 

At RODGERS & BROWNE we have the experience and expertise to give the best advice. But unlike some antique tv programs where an 'expert' says your treasured vase is worth between £100,000 and £200,000 we don't consider that to be much of a valuation!

Neither do we value the merit of valuations conducted remotely or by an 'app'. How can that possibly be an accurate assessment? What about the aspect of the property, the condition, the standard of fittings, finish or fundamentals like electrics, heating and plumbing? There is no substitute for an onsite inspection to provide a proper and accurate appraisal. 

If you would like to know the REAL value of your home to help you establish your place in the market, simply call us or email info@rodgersandbrowne.co.uk and we will make arrangements to call with you - in confidence of course.