2020 a clearer view ahead?

15th January 2020

2020 a clearer view ahead?

Now the new decade is here and the tree has been packed away (again), what will the New Year bring? Will it be 'same-old-same-old' or is there a clearer focus on the horizon?

2020 certainly removes some of the baggage of the previous decade. A meaningful government at Westminster, Brexit officialy underway (whether you agree with it or not) and now the lights back on and somebody home at Stormont. All positives.

So how will this affect the market? Clearly it's too soon to say but we have certainly seen a greater 'spring in the step' from sellers and purchasers since our return from the mince pie season.

If you're wanting to move, make sure you get the best advice. Call now for a pre-sale valuation and let us know what you're looking for. We would be pleased to help.

Happy 2020 - RODGERS & BROWNE - clearly the best choice!