Schools are Back and Now is the Time To Move

29th August 2018

Schools are Back and Now is the Time To Move

Schools are back and this could be the best time to make preparations for putting your house up for sale.  Early autumn can be a popular time for selling, family holidays are over, the children are settled back at school and there is plenty of time before Christmas is on everybody’s mind.  September can be a busy month in the property calendar as this is when potential buyers start looking again. Act now maximise the early autumn slot before the evenings draw in!  We have some tips below to help you prepare for putting your house on the market 'For Sale'.

Don’t wait until move day to clear out the clutter – do it before viewings start.  Space is key and if potential buyers don’t get a feeling of this then they won’t appreciate what a property can offer them or visualise themselves in your home.  By presenting an organised, unclutterd home your encouraging the purchaser to realise how much they can be getting for their money.

Fix and Clean
Make any minor repairs where necessary such as broken doors, broken door handles, holes in walls, cracked tiles, torn wallpaper etc.  Many buyers want to move in without being in any hurry to make changes so allow for this.  Present everything in a clean condition and if possible have your house ‘sparkling’.  Floors should be clean and hoovered and pay particular attention to your kitchen and bathrooms.  Be sure to get rid of limescale and clean or repair any areas of tile grout and mildew.  These little things can make a big difference to viewers when they try to imagine themselves living there.

Create a light and airy atmosphere
Mirrors can make a room look much bigger and lighter.  Consider putting some up around your home, especially in small rooms or hallways.  Clean windows inside and out, and replace any broken light bulbs.  Doing this will make rooms feel light and airy, giving a sense of space.  Ensure you have lamps on in any dark corners to create a warm glow.

Don’t Forget the Garden!
Be sure to tidy up the garden, especially if you have a front garden as this is the first impression a viewer will have on your property and could be the deciding factor on anyone passing by who is considering viewing.  Cut the grass, clean pathes and patios and have them weed free, cut bushes back and have flower beds tidy.  While this doesn’t add much value to your home it allows viewers to see the outside area at it’s best and to visualise themselves using the garden space.

If you are thinking of selling your property please do not hesitate in contacting us for a free, no obligation valuation.