14th May 2020


To comply with the COVID-19 restrictions, we have been away from our usual 'home' for what seems like an eternity! We haven't been lounging around but we haven't had the opportunity to enjoy our usual surroundings or routine.

On return, life for all of the world, will not be as we remember it. Life will change. Some things will be obvious and others more subtle, but life will change - life HAS to change to keep us all safe.

At RODGERS & BROWNE you can be sure we will do all we can to protect the safety of our team, our clients and viewers (as possible buyers or tenants).

Will be asked to comply with guidance outlined by HM Government 11th May 2020 to clean all surfaces, door handles, open all interior doors, to maintain a 2m social distancing policy and to leave the premises (go for a walk, sit in the car etc) during the period of the appointment.

Will be asked to attend a property individually (or as a couple but not as a family or with children) at a specific time. Viewers should observe 2m social distancing guidelines, wear latex gloves and touch as few surfaces or handles as possible. Masks are also preferable. After the appointment gloves should be carefully disposed of.

Will observe all recommendations put forward to comply with Covid-19 safety measures. Open house viewings will not be undertaken or arranged. All viewers and clients will be asked if they have displayed any symptoms of the virus or if any member of their family is isolating. If so, the appointment will not take place. We will no longer be able to provide clients or viewers with lifts to appointments.
Our team will be provided with antibacterial gel, wipes and gloves. Our office will be regularly cleaned during the day as will computers, keyboards, mice, telephones, mobile phones and areas of high contact including cabinets, desks, photocopiers and printers. Our office will be open to callers but access will be by door entry and numbers will be limited to one person or a couple at a time.
We will not shake hands - please don't take it personally!

In summary we will comply with information and guidance available - and a high level of common sense. We believe this will be the best policy to protect us all.

Please let us know if there are any aspects of these measures about which you require clarification.

Meantime, we look forward to returning to our office and to some degree of 'normality'

Stay Safe