18th October 2019


After such a long delay (and it seems longer) it looks like a deal with Europe has been agreed. However, no doubt the 'devil will be in the detail' and of course with any deal there is always someone who isn't satisfied or will not accept the terms - 'just because'!

For many, Brexit has become one of those topics which just will not go away - and also gets blamed for everything (including the weather!). 

Regardless, assuming the proposal is passed in the House of Commons tomorrow (MPs in work on a Saturday bless them) then at least we will all know where we stand - and that's the important aspect. 

No market (gold, orange juice, steel, beef or property...) likes uncertainty and as unpalatable as the 'deal' may be to some, at least a decision will have been made. Perhaps then, house buyers and sellers can return to making their own minds up and not hiding behind the 'what happens if' mentality. 

In the interests of sanity all round, let's hope the deal is accepted and we can all move on to dealing with issues closer to home. Who knows, we may even have tenants at Stormont again (working like the rest of us who have to work to get paid)? The plans to convert Stormont House into apartments can then be shelved.