Based in the heart of Belfast, Chimcoat has been providing professional advice and services in chimney construction and repairs across Northern Ireland for 25 years.

Chimcoat are also agents for Chimella - a revolutionary invention which has been designed to simply close off your chimney flue when your fireplace is not in use. Acting like a forgotten open window your chimney flue is constantly drawing out heat from the heart of your home.

In under 2 seconds you can now simply and efficiently close off your chimney flue with the effortless insertion of THE CHIMNEY UMBRELLA - and instantly start saving up to £200 per chimney per annum!

The Chimney Umbrella also:


  • Prevents cold downdrafts
  • Reduces howling
  • Collects any fallen debris, rain or hailstones
  • Stops birds or animals comning down the chimney into your home
  • Prevents smoke being drawn down from shared flues
  • On display and available at RODGERS & BROWNE AT £59.99


Chimcoat also give you peace of mind that your chimneys and flues are in the hands of experts. We visit and survey every property before we provide you with a quotation, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving a quotation based on the best solution for you.

We supply and install the highest quality flue & chimney products to ensure your building complies with the current building regulations. Upon completion of the chimney lining and/or relining or stove installation, we then supply you with all the necessary safety notices, guarantees and documentation required to satisfy current Building Regulations.

For any more information you may need contact Carly on 02890 245100 or email on

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